Sources & Characteristics 301basic
Characteristics of ground and surface waters, seasonal and daily quality changes, seasonal and daily demands.

Quality Assurance & Control 302advanced
QA/QC - Indicators of water quality, quality control procedures.

Compliance 303advanced
Ontario environmental legislation affecting water treatment plants, scope and authority of certificates of approval, owner/operator responsibilities.

Screening 304 intermediate
  • Well Screensadvanced
  • Intake Ports / Bar Screensbasic
  • Hand Cleaned Screensbasic
    Fine mesh, secondary screens.
  • Mechanically Cleaned Screensbasic

  • Microscreens 305basic

    Aeration 306intermediate
    Diffused aerators, mechanical aerators-mixer,cascade aerators.

    Coagulation and Flocculation 307basic
    Mixer (flash, high speed), air injector / diffuser, hydraulic (static mixer), baffles.

    Coagulant Aids 308basic
    Pipe corrosion characteristics, coatings (metallic and non-metallic), chemical treatment (cathodic protection is covered in the support systems module).

    Clarification 309
  • Presedimentation basic
  • Sedimentation Basins basic
  • Upflow Solids Contractors basic
  • Tube Settlers basic

  • Filtration 310
  • Rapid Sand basic
  • Mixed or Multimedia basic
  • Pressure basic
  • Diatomaceous Earth basic
  • Granular Activated Sludge basic
  • Slow Sand intermediate
  • Membrane Technology basic
    Microfiltration, ultrafiltration

  • Disinfection 311
  • Gas Chlorinators intermediate
  • Ozonators basic
  • Ammoniators basic
  • Ultraviolet Units basic
  • Chlorine Dioxide Feeders basic
  • Hypochlorinators advanced
  • Iodinization / Bromine Processors  
  • Evaporators  

  • Fluoridation 312intermediate

    Taste and Odour Control 313
  • Feeders intermediate
  • Aerators / Oxidators intermediate
  • Contactor Beds basic

  • Storage 314
  • Ground Storage Tanks advanced
  • Elevated Tanks advanced
  • Standpipes advanced
  • Hydropneumatic Pressure Tanks basic

  • Chemical Precipitation Softening 315basic

    Ion Exchange 316basic

    Iron and Manganese Removal 317basic
    Chemical precipitation units, aerators, filter units

    Reverse Osmosis 318basic

    Demineralization 319basic

    Dechlorination 320basic

    Colour / Organic Removal 321basic

    Recirculation 322basic

    Waste Treatment (Sludge Handling) 323basic
    Sludge conditioning, sludge drying beds, sludge vacuum filters, sludge filter press, sludge belt press, sludge centrifuges, landfill solids, land application of solids.

    Laboratory - Plant Process Tests 326
    Tests routinely conducted on site by operators, often using portable equipment. Includes alkalinity, chlorine residual, colour, fluoride, iron, jar test, pH, temperature, total hardness and turbidity.
  • Alkalinity intermediate
  • Aluminum basic
  • Chlorine advanced
  • Colour intermediate
  • Fluoride advanced
  • Iron basic
  • Jar Test basic
  • pH advanced
  • Temperature advanced
  • Total Hardness intermediate
  • Turbidity (NTU) advanced

  • General Lab Tests 327basic
    Lab tests conducted by laboratory technicians (includes algae, ammonia, biomass, calcium, chloride, coliforms, manganese, nitrate, orthophosphate, particle count, phosphate, specific conductance, sulphate, sulphide, threshold odour number, TOC, total solids), basic understanding of test purpose, acceptable ranges, meaning of lab results.

    Water Distribution 328
    Topics include: watermains, pipe installation, valves and hydrants, storage reservoirs, operation and maintenance distribution piping, and distribution pumphouses.


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